Free electric buses to Bangkok points of interest from today

In a bid to boost visits to vacationer attractions in Bangkok, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration created a program to run free electrical buses to the floating markets on weekends, starting right now. The plan was created to connect the principle public transportation lines throughout Bangkok with close by vacationer attractions.
The BMA introduced yesterday the new, eco-friendly service that may feed from public transport lines directly to some less accessible attractions. The bus to the floating markets round Bangkok is the pilot challenge for the service expected to expand. It will run on the weekends and get rid of the need to stroll or take taxis from the bus or metro to the vacationer sights.
People in Bangkok can start using this service at present and proceed every weekend. Nation Thailand reports that the well-equipped electrical buses have 20 seats and a quantity of helpful features like cellphone chargers and free Wi-Fi. They are handicap accessible with a ramp for wheelchairs.
The buses around Bangkok run on weekends, beginning at 9am and ending at four.45pm with 4 journeys per day. They start at the Bang Khun Non MRT station and make stops at Song Klong and Taling Chan floating market. From there, the electric buses head to the Southern Bus Terminal to drop off passengers and pick up more.
On demand transports vacationers to Lat Mayon and Wat Saphan floating markets. The bus then travels to its ultimate stop, terminating back on the Bang Khun Non MRT station where it started..

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