Mosquito mayhem: Dengue fever cases surge in Loei province, Thailand

Faced with a big surge in dengue Fever instances, health officials from Thailand’s northeastern province of Loei have issued an pressing appeal for residents to exercise warning and intensify efforts to eradicate mosquito breeding websites. The province has reported 462 cases of the disease, with a number of patients requiring hospitalisation.
Chanachai Bunyu, a leading provincial well being official, disclosed that the continued rain had led to a rise in stagnant water sources in vessels and leaf litter, turning them into breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The health official referred to as on the residents to take preventive steps by keeping their households clean and avoiding mosquito bites.
Based on knowledge from the provincial well being office’s epidemiology unit, the variety of dengue victims has climbed steadily since the begin of the yr. From January 1 to July 19, 462 cases have been recorded, with a big focus of infections reported up to now few weeks. A closer inspection shows that dengue is most prevalent within the districts of Mueang Loei, Dansai, Na Duang, and Phu Kradueng, reported KhaoSod.
Currently, Cover-up are being handled in local hospitals, three of them in severe situation. Yet, fortunately, no fatalities have been recorded thus far. The illness, caused by a virus and spread via the Aedes mosquito, can affect individuals of all sexes and ages. Symptoms begin to show within one to seven days post-infection, together with fever, loss of appetite, nausea, belly pain, along with distinctive skin haemorrhages. In extreme instances, a affected person would possibly vomit blood, cross blood in stools, go into shock and, with out well timed medical consideration, probably succumb to the sickness.
Highlighting the urgency, Chanachai emphasised that if anybody in the household falls ill with high fever, headache, vomiting or shows purple dots on their skin, they want to rush to a healthcare provider instantly. He firmly discouraged the apply of self-medication..

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