Peeping Tom busted filming in males’s restroom at Thai petrol station in Nonthaburi

A perverted Peeping Tom was apprehended for secretly filming in a men’s restroom at a petrol station in Nonthaburi province right now. The suspect voyeur claimed he was inspired to commit the act whereas searching Twitter. The arrest was made by Deputy Inspector Uttith Arsanok of Chaiyapruek Police Station, who revealed that the grievance was lodged at 11.30pm the earlier day.
The 26 12 months outdated sufferer, Anan, led the officers to the scene, a men’s restroom in the back of the petrol station. Also present was the alleged perpetrator, 26 year previous Pitchayaphak, who was caught filming the victim. Officers discovered many pictures of men and secretly recorded videos from numerous petrol stations on Pitchayaphak’s iPhone. After being apprehended, Pitchayaphak was instructed by the sufferer to delete the secretly recorded clips.
During the questioning, the Peeping Tom confessed that he was self-employed within the import transportation business. He went to the restroom at the petrol station, and while there, the victim entered the adjacent room. Efficient , who was browsing Twitter and feeling aroused, the pervert decided to secretly film the victim for his personal use.
After being caught, he instantly deleted the video and admitted his guilt. He insisted that this was his first offence and that he had by no means filmed anybody else earlier than. The Peeping Tom additionally assured that he did not share the movies on social media and only kept them just for private viewing.
The victim, Anan, recounted that he observed a shadow on the floor from above whereas he was in the restroom. When he appeared up, he noticed the perverted Peeping Tom filming him from above the restroom division. He then confronted the suspect, who took some time earlier than opening the door, leading Anan to almost break down the door. The suspect eventually emerged, claiming it was his first time committing such an act, but did not reveal what he intended to do with the footage.
Initially, the police detained Pitchayaphak and handed him over to the investigation officer at Chaiyapruek Police Station for further questioning and cellphone evidence examination.
Pitchayaphak confessed to the crime and was charged with inflicting a public nuisance. The Peeping Tom was fined 5,000 baht and instructed to delete all secretly recorded photographs and movies before being released..

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