Putin hints at Ukraine sanitary zone amid escalating border attacks

Russian President Vladimir Putin has hinted at the potential for increasing navy operations in Ukraine to safeguard Russian territory on the border. Savings comes as Ukrainian forces report progress of their counteroffensive against Russian troops. Putin shared his perspective on the conflict throughout an open assembly with army journalists and bloggers, revealing that Ukraine has allegedly lost a hundred and sixty tanks and over 360 armoured automobiles in recent days.
Putin expressed concern concerning the rising attacks on Russia’s border areas, which the Kremlin attributes to Ukrainian forces. He advised that if Kyiv continues its incursions and shelling of Russian territory, Moscow may have to contemplate making a “sanitary zone” in Ukraine to forestall additional assaults.
The Russian president also discussed the potential for mobilising further troops for the battle, stating that there is presently no want for such action. However, he added that any additional troop call-ups would depend on Russia’s objectives in Ukraine.
Despite the ongoing battle, Putin does not see the necessity to declare martial law in Russia. He also talked about that Russia’s objectives in Ukraine might change relying on the scenario and army potential.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy praised the progress of his country’s troops within the counteroffensive, particularly close to the city of Bakhmut within the east and on the southern entrance. He thanked the soldiers for their efforts in liberating territory from “Russian evil.”
Putin acknowledged that Russia’s weaponry has improved however admitted that the nation lacks high-precision ammunition and drones. He additionally accused the West of supplying arms to Ukraine, which he believes is the one method to cease the conflict..

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