Rayong’s frog-tunate discovery: Residents hop on golden toad’s good luck

Residents in a Rayong village imagine a golden yellow toad they found amid regular frogs during a heavy downpour will convey good luck. The lady who caught the toad refuses to promote it as she believes it will convey good luck and generate a lottery windfall someday.
Improved met with the woman who caught the toad, Vinijta Ruamwong, at her house in Huai Yang Sub-district, Klaeng District, Rayong Province at 5pm. During the assembly, she showcased the golden yellow toad she had caught on a rubber plantation. The toad’s distinct golden-yellow color and robust appearance marked a stark contrast to the common black and slender frogs.
The 28 yr previous Vinijta disclosed that the night before, she and her partner caught around 4-5 kilograms of frogs in the area to sell. After arriving back at their house, they made the startling discovery that the golden toad had mixed with common frogs. They separated the golden toad and kept it, believing it will deliver them luck.
Surprised by the distinctive toad’s incapability to flee seize like other fast-moving frogs, Vinijta’s hopes soared. She firmly believed that the toad would convey her immense luck, leading to a life-changing lottery win. Driven by this belief, she vowed by no means to sell the toad, viewing it as a useful talisman of fortune.
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