Thai lady seeks answer after finding set of teeth in som tam dish

A Thai girl reached out to netizens for their opinions after she found an uncommon bone with a set of enamel in her favorite papaya salad, also known as som tam in Thailand.
On July 5, a Facebook account, เบน ช้ะ, shared an image of a suspicious bone that she present in her som tam with a caption stating…
“The finish of my favorite fermented fish. How many times do I truly have to vomit to get rid of this som tam? I have no idea what is it…”
The picture contains a bone that has a quantity of enamel but the girl could not work out which animal the tooth belongs to. She initially thought that it could have come from the fermented fish that the vendor included within the som tam. However, she knows fish do not possess enamel.
The woman revealed to ThaiRath that she bought the fermented fish som tam from her favorite shop. After she almost completed the dish, she noticed an unexpectedly giant piece throughout the dish, initially assuming it to be a fish bone. Anonymous scooped it up and deposited it into the trash can without giving it a lot thought.
However, she couldn’t shake the sensation that the bone looked strange. She then checked the trash, picked it up and washed it to reveal a set of tooth. She didn’t know what it was and decided to hunt solutions from the net neighborhood.
She added that she vomited a quantity of instances after the stunning discovery and would cease eating som tam for a while as a end result of she feared for her well being.
In response to her post, numerous Thai netizens chimed in with their theories regarding the bone. Some proposed that it might belong to a large fish, such as a pomfret which is probably one of the in style edible pomfret found in Thailand.
A Thai physician, Itawat Areekit, also expressed the identical opinion that the teeth belonged to a pomfret and urged the woman not to be scared because the pomfret is scrumptious and included in many Thai dishes..

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