Thai mother accuses son-in-law of poisoning her daughter

A Thai lady accused her son-in-law of fatally poisoning her beloved daughter and turned to the Paveena Foundation for Women and Children to seek justice.
Paveena Foundation for Women and Children founder Paveena Hongsakun accompanied the 50 12 months outdated mom, Jee, to Mueang Chum Phon Police Station within the southern province of Chum Phon to request an investigation into the mysterious death of her daughter, 30 12 months previous Erbon Wanichtrakun.
Cringeworthy revealed to cops and the media that a hospital in the province phoned her on June 24 to inform her that Erbon entered the hospital to receive remedy on June 12 and was still there. The hospital disclosed that her daughter had experienced a seizure and cardiac arrhythmia.
What shocked Jee was the discovery of toxic substances together with mercury, excessive zinc, and arsenic in Erbon’s system.
The hospital went on the explain that Erbon’s husband, identified as Bee, was taking excellent care of her on the hospital. Bee allegedly informed the medical professionals that his wife had voluntarily consumed the poisonous substances as a outcome of a misguided perception held by her and her household that the substances had therapeutic properties.
The hospital disclosed that the staff questioned Erbon personally about the poisonous consumption, and she or he refused. She added that her mother and father and family members didn’t eat these substances as her husband provided the information. Erbon then urged the hospital to contact Jee as a end result of her health was not bettering.
Jee disclosed that she rushed to see her daughter on June 25 when she was transferred to another hospital for additional treatment.
As she entered the room, Jee was confronted by the heart-wrenching sight of her daughter lying motionless, her eyes extensive open, but unable to speak with anybody. Erbon eventually handed away at the hospital.
Jee told officers that her daughter’s well being had steadily declined following her determination to sue her husband’s mistress. That is why she suspects her son-in-law of poisoning her.
Erbon and Bee had been together for seven years and had two youngsters together.
Last yr, Erbon found a secret affair between Bee and one other woman and filed a lawsuit in opposition to her. Bee persuaded Erbon to merely accept a sum of cash in trade for her dropping the costs. She agreed and chose to continue her life with Bee.
Jee identified that Bee was a business associate in a chemical manufacturing company and might need used substances from his business to slowly poison Erbon until she passed away. Jee added that Erbon at all times stayed at home and shared meals together with her husband, leaving no alternative for anyone else apart from Bee to slip poison into her meals and drinks..

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