Thailand News Update | Truckers threaten stronger protest measures if calls for not met

Another CCTV angle and extra evidence has emerged in the gruesome hit job that ended the lifetime of Indian-born drug felony Jimi Sandhu. He was killed with a volley of 20 bullets in Rawai, on the southern end of Phuket last Friday night time, just earlier than eleven pm. The footage reveals two barefoot men wearing white hoodies and shorts showing from buses subsequent to Jimi’s villa. The white hoodies had been discovered about 2 kilometres away in a rubber tree plantation. It’s additionally been revealed that Jimi owned the villa and arrived on the southern island on January 27 on a personal jet. Canadian media have already revealed much concerning the victim’s in depth primal historical past and his current comings and goings between Dubai and South East Asia. —— The Land Transport Federation of Thailand, a union representing Thai truckies, is vowing to step up its marketing campaign against the Energy Minister if he fails to do one thing about Thailand’s high diesel costs within 7 days. The second of the “Truck Power Final Season” protests was held yesterday. The first was held back in November first “Truck Power” protest was held in November. Truckies say they may stay camped out in front of the ministry to pile on the strain on the minister, and extra vehicles will arrive to assist the push. The LTFT are also contemplating an across-the-board rise transport fees by 15-20% to reflect latest will increase in diesel prices. They’re additionally threatening to call in farmers who are the next in line suffering the excessive diesel prices and will quickly escalate the state of affairs. ——– A meals supply driver riding his motorbike on the sidewalk almost hit a person strolling out of a store in Bangkok. The rattled pedestrian yelled and the driver who then jumped off his bike and attacked the person. The meals supply driver, who sports activities a face of demonic tattoos, surrendered himself to police and was then paraded in front to the media the place he apologised, saying he would by no means do something like this again and could be a better person. A video of the incident went viral on Facebook yesterday after the 26 year previous pedestrian asked Thais to help discover the man who attacked him. Meanwhile, the meals supply company have come out with an announcement saying the person doesn’t work for them and has never registered to be a delivery driver. The man apparently borrowed the jacket from a friend, whose account with the SCB-owned supply firm, Robinhood, has now been dismissed. ——- The proprietor of a luxury sports automotive has reportedly filed a lawsuit towards their neighbour claiming 100,000 baht in damages after a cat climbed and sat on top of their black and yellow Lotus sports activities car, allegedly inflicting some scratches. The story has been broadly shared in Thailand and the tetchy owner has since apologised, including that he doesn’t need the money in any case. The cat proprietor posted a video on TikTok saying her neighbour demanded compensation for letting her “fierce or wild animal” out in public and causing harm to others’ belongings or property. But it’s also emerged that the incident happened again in October 2020 when a child by chance let their cat out of the house. That afternoon, the automotive proprietor despatched the neighbours a video of their pet sitting on the sports activities car. Video from a home surveillance digital camera shows the cat sitting on top of the black and yellow sports activities car. The threats of court docket cases and claims of 100,000 baht in damages have been going since then. Photos have also been shared displaying a few soiled paw marks however no scratches. The only winner right here seems to be the cat who, a minimum of fleetingly, had a warm place to have a sleep. ——- At least 13 folks have been killed in a bus crash on Indonesia’s Java island on Monday. Dozens of passengers, including young children, had been injured. Many had been factory staff on their way to a beach for a holiday journey. ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ที่อยุ่อาศัย carried forty seven folks travelling from Central Java to Yogyakarta for a household gathering. The driver apparently misplaced control while driving downhill.Witnesses have told police that the bus flipped over, slamming into the side of the road with its proper aspect severely damaged and entrance shattered. A whole of 34 passengers have been injured and sustained head accidents, including three toddlers. ——- Following moves from different Southeast Asian countries, like Thailand, to progressively reopen borders, Malaysia is considering a full reopening of borders starting March 1, allowing vaccinated travellers to enter without obligatory quarantine necessities. The plan is to hurry up the country’s economic recovery, in accordance with its coronavirus recovery council. The country, on to the south of Thailand’s southern border, has lately allowed Singaporeans to enter without quarantine as part of a bilateral settlement. A government advisory body stated travellers could be subjected to Covid-19 screening previous to departure and upon arrival. Coronavirus infections in Malaysia have risen to their highest stage in four months in recent weeks, which officials say is due to the spread of the Omicron variant. Around 98% of Malaysia’s grownup population has acquired two vaccine doses and greater than half have acquired a booster

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