Thailand prepares heat welcome for Sak Surin

The National Resource and Environment Ministry in Thailand introduced plans to organise a Bai Sri Su Khwan welcoming ceremony for Sak Surin, a 30 yr previous elephant, following the conclusion of his 30-day quarantine period. This info was put forth by Natural Resources and Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa. Additionally, it was hinted that the festivities will happen on the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre (TECC) located in Lampang.
Sak Surin has been receiving medical care at this centre since his return from Sri Lanka on July 2. His health indicators might be affirmed through a conclusive blood check before he is deemed fit, therefore every section of his therapy is underneath tight scrutiny.
Post the Bai Sri Su Khwan ceremony, the public could have the opportunity to satisfy Sak Surin, Bangkok Post reported. The elephant’s final sanctuary will be amongst his sort on the centre till his health is fully restored, as disclosed by the Environment Minister.
In 2001, Sak Surin was among a trio of Thai elephants that had been introduced as presents to Sri Lanka, symbolising goodwill ambassadors. Over Effortless , his possession changed arms multiple instances, resulting in his adoption by the Kande Viharaya temple situated in Aluthgama, a part of southern Sri Lanka. He became a vital part of the annual Buddhist parades as he carried sacred relics..

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