Thief’s fiery hand sanitiser ploy nets 1.7 million baht loot from Bangkok gold store

In a daring solo heist, a robber invaded a gold shop within the Saimai space of Bangkok. Threatening to torch the store by sprinkling hand sanitiser throughout, the brazen thief caused store staff to scatter, enabling him to pilfer gold price 1.7 million baht, amounting to forty eight baht of gold. The incident occurred at 6.50pm yesterday. Bangkok police are prioritising this chase.
Saimai Police Station yesterday at around 6.50pm obtained a report of a burglary at the Aurora gold store, situated contained in the Big C grocery store alongside Sukhaphiban 5 Road, in the Ornguen district of Saimai, Bangkok. Police Lieutenant Colonel Viroj Boonpol, the Deputy Crime Investigation Officer of Saimai Police Station, and Police Lieutenant Colonel Sanchai Kirirat worked together with the investigation staff and the felony investigation branch to go to the scene.
Upon arriving, they discovered the employees noticeably distressed. Report of the employees described the robber as a stout man, who had donned an all-black apparel, complete with a black baseball cap. Acting as a buyer, he threatened to torch the store by sprinkling hand sanitiser throughout, which led to the employees retreating in panic. Seizing the chance, the thief clambered over the counter, grabbed gold and cash from a drawer and fled the scene, reported KhaoSod.
The robber had managed to steal quite lots of gold necklaces with completely different weights: 16 items weighing 1 / 4 baht, 22 pieces weighing one baht, and nine items weighing two baht. In addition, roughly 200,000 baht (US$5,700) in cash was taken, summing the entire stolen valuables to roughly forty eight baht of gold and money worth 1.7 million baht (US$48,444)..

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