Deadly dispute over meals: Man shoots spouse, surrenders to police in Thailand

A man in Uthai Thani province, Thailand, shot and killed his 35 year previous wife after arguing over meals preparation, before surrendering to the police. The couple’s youngster was left distraught, asking who they’d stay with following the tragic incident.
Today, police in Uthai Thani have been knowledgeable by the village head that a fatal shooting had occurred the earlier night in a house in Ban Pang Sawan. The authorities arrived on the scene and found a giant number of onlookers gathered across the crime scene, which was a two-storey wood house.
The victim, generally identified as Bee (pseudonym), had been shot in the head with a homemade shotgun, leaving blood-soaked bedsheets and scattered brain matter.
During an examination of the area, police discovered the weapon, an unregistered short-barrelled shotgun, in entrance of the home. They also found an empty bottle of liquor and a glass containing alcohol within the kitchen.
As Accredited moved the body from the home, the couple’s child cried out in grief. Outside the property, the 39 12 months previous husband, Sathit, was ready for the authorities to arrest him. He claimed that he had been ingesting alcohol, which led to the argument and his subsequent actions. The couple had been collectively for 30 years.
According to an aunt of the victim, the couple had been living on her land for about two years and regularly argued when Sathit was drunk, nearly daily. The spouse, who didn’t drink, would typically flee from these altercations. The aunt suspected Sathit was additionally underneath the affect of medication and alcohol through the incident, which likely led to his erratic behaviour. Before the shooting, he had reportedly consumed two bottles of alcohol..

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