Chalong Underpass closed Saturday for pump system evaluation amid heavy rainfall in Phuket (video)

A scheduled evaluate of the pump system within the Chalong Underpass in Phuket has led to a day-long closure of the passage this Saturday. The routine check-up is a necessity to make sure the pump system’s continued performance, particularly amidst the heavy rainfalls throughout Phuket’s soggy season. The Phuket Highways Office (PHO) has confirmed the closure.
The inspection attracts its significance from its regularity and the intent to make sure the seamless operation of the underpass’ integral pump system. As Unusual goes by way of periods of heavy showers typical of its rainy season, the functioning of the underpass systems becomes crucial.
This Saturday, the underpass will remain closed for vehicular site visitors, ranging from 9am, right up till 5pm. This restriction is a necessary measure to allow the workers to conduct the system check with out hindrance, as explained in an announcement by the Phuket Highways Office.
The PHO expressed remorse for the inconvenience that travellers could expertise due to the tunnel’s closure for the inspection.
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The Thai Meteorological Department issued a warning for extreme thunderstorms and floods impacting 36 provinces across Thailand because of the monsoons. Citizens are urged to stay alert to the dangers of flash floods. The department forecasts such weather patterns to proceed for the next 24 hours.
The north and the northeastern areas are experiencing a trough of the monsoon passing over them, moving in course of the low-pressure trough along central Vietnam. Accompanied by the relatively vigorous southwestern monsoon prevailing throughout the Andaman Sea and Thailand, heavy downpours, thunderstorms and floods are predicted across the country.
On the south (west coast), thunderstorms are predicted in 80% of the area with heavy rainfall reaching Ranong, Phang-nga, Phuket, Krabi, Trang, and Satun. To learn extra concerning the weather forecast click HERE..

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