Fare play: Bangkok taxi driver bucks development, returns four hundred,000 baht to passenger

A Bangkok taxi driver put the breaks on the capital’s bad boy cabbie status after he returned practically 400,000 baht to a Bangladeshi passenger.
There’s not a day that goes by and not utilizing a story breaking of one of Bangkok’s dangerous boy taxi drivers ripping off prospects, refusing to service or activate meters, brawling with passengers and even masturbating. One Bangkok taxi driver, however, went a long way to redeem others after he found a big wad of money on the back seat and immediately contacted SWP.FM9 radio station to aid in returning the cash to its rightful proprietor.
On Saturday, August 19, the taxi driver, Phonsak Phunni, visited the SWP.FM91 radio station after discovering an extended black wallet containing numerous identification cards, credit cards, and one hundred and five US$100 bills, amounting to 10,500 dollars (373,490 baht). The wallet additionally contained 7,050 Indian rupees (3,000 baht). The pockets was suspected to have been left behind by three overseas male passengers who had travelled from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the Indra Emporium in Pratunam round 1pm that day.
Phonsak stated that after dropping off the passengers, he instantly picked up new ones from the identical space. One of the new passengers handed him the pockets, main him to consider it belonged to the three men who had simply alighted.
“I was shocked and shaking. Steps didn’t dare to look inside completely.”

Phonsak shortly made a name to SWP.FM91, stating that he had discovered lost property and that it should be returned to its proprietor. He didn’t dare to keep it himself, given the large sum of money concerned.
“I’ve been a taxi driver for over ten years, and I’ve always returned any misplaced gadgets I’ve discovered, irrespective of how small. I by no means considered maintaining them.”

The wallet’s owner, Jahirul Islam (Munshi), a Bangladeshi man, expressed his gratitude in the course of Phonsak and the radio station.
“I’m very happy to have my a reimbursement. I need to thank FM91 Bangkok and the taxi driver, whom I’ll name brother. I’m very impressed and feel extremely happy.”

Dr Jaiton Sriwangpol, the Deputy Manager of Vilai Center and Sons Co., Ltd., together with Sakon Thawornkanchana, the Chief Executive Officer of the Organizational Communications Department of SWP.FM91 radio station served as witnesses during the handover of the money and different belongings, which totalled nearly 400,000 baht..

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