Illegal burning in Northern Thailand contributes dangerous levels of air pollutant PM2.5

Illegal burning in additional than a hundred thirty five areas in the northern province Mae Hong Son has contributed to the rise of the air pollutant PM2.5 to levels thought-about to be harmful to human well being. Authorities are additionally concerned that the poor air quality could also worsen the situation of Covid-19 sufferers within the space. Today, the air high quality in Mae Hong Son reached what IQ Air considers “Very Unhealthy” levels.
ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ ราคา in the north of Thailand are from crop burning the place farmers intentionally set fire to fields after harvesting to quickly clear the land and fertilise the soil. The debate on the illegality of crop burning has been a longstanding problem between farmers and the Thai government.
Thai media reports that some officials suspect that some of the fires were caused by unlawful gangs smuggling teak wooden and burning the stumps to destroy the proof. The Mueang district chief officer, Pongpeera Choochuen, says those who begin the fires within the forest might be arrested and face felony expenses.
A satellite additionally detected 1,000 hot spots within the province’s preserved forests that are susceptible to wildfire. Pongpeera is urging residents in the Mueang district to assist monitor the forest. By communities, he says residents should set firebreaks, which are usually strips of bare soil to forestall a fire from spreading. He also requested residents to maintain a lookout at who’s going in and out of the forest..

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