Khon Kaen zoo conducts health examine on giant turtles as breeding season ends

Khon Kaen Zoo performed health checks on numerous species of tortoises and turtles in preparation for their egg-laying season after the completion of the breeding period. Some of the tortoises weighed over 70 kilograms, but maintained good well being.
Khon Kaen Zoo has been specializing in the breeding and conservation of varied species of tortoises, including the Aldabran big tortoise, with two in captivity, alongside 26 Sulcata tortoises and 4 yellow or Radiated tortoises. Apart from Cheap , the zoo also has 50 aquatic turtles, which embody leaf, softshell, and red-cheeked turtles. The breeding season starts around February and lasts till May and is adopted by the egg-laying interval.
Narongwit Chotchoy, the director of Khon Kaen Zoo, revealed that the zoo conducts yearly well being checks on the tortoises, adhering to wildlife animal well being guidelines reported Khaosod. These annual checks contain administering anti-parasite medication, measuring the tortoises’ weight, and updating their records, contributing to the individual tortoise’s statistics inside the zoo.
Weighing a number of the tortoises can prove to be quite a challenge, as sure species, like the Aldabran and Sulcata, can weigh round 70 kilograms. These health inspections aim to make certain that the zoo’s resident tortoises keep good health. The tortoises stay a significant attraction at Khon Kaen Zoo, especially for youngsters and visitors.
While the turtles and tortoises at Khon Kaen Zoo are being treated nicely, many species of turtles, notably sea turtles, are listed as critically endangered in Thailand..

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