Lotto fever heats up: Thai enthusiasts on edge for lucky digits in Government Lottery draw

Thai lottery enthusiasts eagerly anticipate today’s winning numbers for the Government Lottery Office’s upcoming draw. Several prominent people have shared their lottery predictions on which numbers will likely convey fortune this time.
Monsit Khamsoi shared that quantity 308 has been asked from Pumpuang Duangjan as a potential fortunate number.
Big offered 954 as a potential winning number, following a ritual performed on the puppet “Pee Nuan,” a well-known pregnant girl puppet.
Maenam Nueng, who has fed a spirit providing, advised number 594 for the lottery draw. She also requested locals to be conscious of buying Thai lottery tickets too.
Two albino eels have been caught. People assume that the two albino eels bring luck, and each time they see them, they’ve good luck. The villagers burned incense, which later confirmed the quantity 9.
Lottery fanatics also use different numbers associated to Pumpuang Duangjan to purchase lottery tickets. Including the variety of birth on August four, 1961, the date of demise on June thirteen, 1992, the quantity on the 31st anniversary of his passing, and the age of Pumpuang. who, if nonetheless alive, would be 62 years outdated.
Tourists visiting the sacred website of a beehive nest beneath a particular Buddha statue seen the numbers 17 and eleven and determined to strive their luck in the lottery, reported Sanook.
Residents gathered to donate funds for the construction of a dialysis centre at Chiang Mai’s municipal hospital, raising a complete of 1,310,000 baht.
A man spent almost 20 minutes making an attempt to mild an incense stick for luck however couldn’t see any numbers. Instead, he noticed a sample resembling a Naga’s scale and later identified numbers 78, 87, 4 and 0.
In the wake of a fire-affected household residence, locals sought fortunate numbers from the grandfather of the family, who revealed the numbers 83, 24, and 10.
Supporters attending a religious procession at a ceremony for the ordination of Siriporn Amphaiphong famous numbers related to the occasion as 181, 059, and the woman’s age, 59.
The Miracle Calendar reveals lucky numbers for the June sixteen lottery draw – 1-6, and two-digit numbers 10-60-12-65-17-67.
Psychic instinct leads Riew to arrange numbers connected to a tragic death in a rental room – number 11 derived from the man’s age of seventy four and room quantity 137. However, he advises reducing 11 to a single digit, ensuing within the number 2..

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