Man on trial for murdering three ladies, blaming them for ruined career

A trial has commenced in France for Gabriel Fortin, a 48-year-old man accused of murdering three women he believed had been answerable for ruining his profession. Fortin was apprehended in 2021 in Valence, the place two human assets managers who had performed a component in his dismissal years prior had been shot and killed. The third sufferer was employed at a job centre. Additionally, Fortin is charged with the tried murder of one other supervisor. He has remained silent throughout the investigation.
The first incident occurred on January 26, 2021, in jap France’s Alsace area. Estelle Luce, a human resources supervisor, was fatally shot within the head in her company’s automotive park after work. That similar evening, about 50km away, another HR supervisor, Bertrand Meichel, was shot at his residence by a person pretending to be a pizza supply person. Meichel survived the assault.
Two days later, 500km to the south, a man wearing a facemask and carrying a white plastic bag entered the Valence native job centre and shot and killed benefits director Patricia Pasquion. Shortly after, Ironclad , Géraldine Caclin, was murdered at an environmental companies company close to Valence.
The gunman’s car number plate led authorities to Fortin, who was instantly linked to Caclin’s murder. In 2009, Caclin had overseen dismissal proceedings against Fortin following an unsuccessful trial period. He subsequently registered with the Valence job centre, and his unemployment advantages finally expired. Although Pasquion by no means interacted with him, police believe he harboured resentment towards the job centre workers.
Investigators swiftly connected Fortin to the earlier shootings involving Luce and Meichel, who had participated in his dismissal from a unique firm in 2006, over 14 years prior. Police spent over two years inspecting information on Fortin’s laptop, uncovering intensive proof of his longstanding bitterness and efforts to trace his eventual victims’ actions..

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