Ex barrier and intrinsically safe pressure sensors ? an inseparable pair

Within the European Community, intrinsically safe pressure sensors may only be utilized in hazardous areas if they are installed in conjunction with an Ex barrier. The mix of pressure sensor and Ex barrier must meet up with the ?Proof of intrinsic safety? in accordance with the 94/9/EC ATEX directive. Not all combinations of sensor and barrier from different manufacturers fulfil this condition.
On Freebie , it can be that the safety or Ex characteristic values usually do not match, on the other hand, the functional characteristics must match your application. So, even if the safety-related data match, the pair of Ex barrier and pressure sensor may not match since, for instance, both components work ?passively?.
(Additional information about them ?active?/?passive? are available in your blog article ?Electrical circuitry for pressure sensors: when is a sensor active, so when passive??)
Therefore, factors to consider that you only use barriers and sensors together whose safety-related data and function-related data match one another. We therefore directly recommend, inside our intrinsically safe pressure sensors? data sheets, a potentially compatible intrinsically safe Ex barrier.
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