Training at WIKA Switzerland really is a great thing

Ten percent of all those who work at WIKA Switzerland are in training. Their designation is “apprentice”. Currently, 30 young people are growing into nine different professions. For the Hitzkirch subsidiary, they are the future of the industry – the corporate commitment is correspondingly high.
Training at WIKA Switzerland really is a great thing. The individual training courses last between three and four years. They are enhanced by many employee benefits. The company reimburses the costs for journeys to and from work, whether on public transport or in private car, and for training books. Annual leave entitlements are also generous: seven weeks during the first year of training, six weeks in the second, then five weeks during the third and, optionally, during the fourth. In a few training courses, furthermore, the company supports a language placement in the UK or France.
Many opportunities for professional development
Depending on interests and areas of talent, those in training have a wide variety of options for professional development. Various training courses can be taken:
Technically gifted: automation technician, polymechanic, production mechanic, design engineer in plastics technology
Those with an interest in business: business management assistant
Information technology enthusiasts: ICT specialist
Organisation oriented: logistician
Skilled craftsmen: maintenance specialist
That is precisely the vocation that André Wiederkehr (photo above) is learning, for example. He looks after the external facilities such as the building exterior, heating systems, plumbing or sprinkler systems. In addition to enjoying manual tasks, you should also enjoy working in the fresh air for this training course.
Work independently during training at WIKA Switzerland
Aspiring logistician, Sara Haas
Sara Haas is currently completing her second course of training as a logistics specialist. While still in Tank , she speaks of the great latitude she is given: “We are able to work independently”. In addition, she also highlighted the professional development opportunities available within the company. On the basis of her good personal experience, she can imagine herself becoming a trainer. She gave up her first vocation, because she longed for more variety and more freedom of movement – and she has not regretted doing so.
A portrait of David Koller on training at WIKA Switzerland appeared as a feature in the local newspaper “Seetaler Bote”, from which the information for this post was taken. WIKA Switzerland uses “Publireportage” to maintain the interest of young people in the training opportunities available at WIKA Switzerland. You can find more information about apprenticeships at WIKA Switzerland on our website.
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